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Your Child is in Great Hands

Our Philosophy

" You can't use up creativity.
   The more you use, the more you have. "
                        Maya Angelou

At Aristocrafts, we thrive to promote students’ creativity through our enrichment programs… 

We challenge each child to experience various hands-on methods to create, build, and think.  

Our Classes combine fun, exciting, and challenging activities to expand curiosity, confidence, and creativity in children.  

In their assignments, children will learn to work independently and cooperatively. 

Aristocrafts emphasizes children’s critical observation and expression in solving problems:  If something doesn’t work, they have to creatively find a solution, a life lesson participants bring home with them… 

There are so many ways to construct a project, none right or wrong, just different ways…  

Aristocrafts encourages our little students to express themselves and think independently… We want them to develop their own personality and gain trust and confidence in themselves through all their expressions and works of art…

 Aristocrafts takes pride in allowing our students to develop through our classes a greater appreciation for beauty in nature, by using some of nature’s components and characteristics, mixing colors and materials… Our projects are inspired by natural seasonal trends and cultural celebrations…

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."

 Albert Einstein

 Miriam Frank and Marie Parker started Aristocrafts because they saw

the need in their local community to add more creative

and hands-on options for children's extra curricular


 Aristocrafts was born from a strong

passion for the Arts, as   

Miriam and Marie began to share

their professional backgrounds in architecture and art


children in their neighborhood  elementary school. 

These early classes were such a success that Aristocrafts

expanded its offerings throughout Washington, DC. 

Aristocrafts holds the vision of nurturing children into a creative community,

where they have fun while learning, exploring, and playing… 

No matter how old they are or which level they are in,

they will jump right away into an exploration of their creativity and

bring out their inner artist!

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